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Club member Wayne Jackson spent hours showing youngsters who attended the show, how rope used to be made on farm.

One of the many participants in the Open Mike portion of our show was this talented young fiddle player. If you have a talent for singing or playing we would love for you to 'show us your stuff" during our Open Mike!


Antique Tractor Parade of Power

A shot of our oldest member, Charlie (91 years young), with his 'walk behind' power unit pulling his covered wagon 'Hee Haw'

An old fashioned threshing demo using a steam engine hooked up to an antique threshing machine. EKVEC members or show spectators can take turns loading the sheaves of wheat into the threshing machine and watch the wheat fall into the gravity box and the straw fall into a pile beside it, making a great play area for the kids.


The crowd thoroughly enjoys the vintage tractor pull at our show. We were also able to put our new bleachers to good use for this event!

View of East Kent Vintage Equipment Show grounds.

Months of preparation and hard work come together at the EKVEC Show.



Our awesome DJ ending off our 2015 Show with a ROCKIN' rendition of "That's How Country Boys Roll". A great ending to a great show!

Annual Spring Tractor Drive

In 2015, our Tractor Drive took us from Kearney Planters to Puddle Ford Tree Farm where we enjoyed a tour of christmas tree lots and a marvelous BBQ lunch




The tractor drive to Green Ridge Dairy was a mooving experience for the members of our club. For many, it was their first opportunity to see and experience a state of the art, modern dairy farm. Club member, Sandy Kearney, gets a close up look at the milking parlor

Building Project

Many members have donated their time and talents to build picnic tables to be used at the East Kent Vintage Equipment Show and other community events.


Antique tractor and plow on a float giving Christmas greetings to our community.

Tractor Day at Ridgetown District High School

Each spring RDHS hold a tractor day in honour of our community's farming heritage. Students are invited to drive their tractor to school and participate in the day's activities. Our tractor club is also invited to set up a display of antique tractors, mingle with the students and join them on a tractor drive though town.


Students and staff alike, were encouraged to bake and decorate a cake for this contest on Tractor Day at RDHS last spring. The contest was a big hit, as you can see by all the submissions on this table!

Guinness World Book of Records "World's Largest Tractor Parade"

Many of the EKVEC members participated in the worlds largest tractor parade, "Farmers Driving Out Cancer" in July of 2010 in Dresden, Ontario. Over 1230 tractors participated more than doubling the previous world record and raising over $100,000 for cancer research.


A shot of some of the many modern and antique tractors that participated in the parade.

Show Grounds Cleanup

The use of a loader, donated by Southwest Ag, helped club members do some cleaning up at the Ridgetown Event Centre.


Use of a loader tractor, donated by Sun Ridge Enterprises, provided the club with enough power to get the job done!

A club member works at leveling gravel, donated by Ed Sykes Trucking Ltd., on a new parking area at the Ridgetown Event Centre.



A fork lift, provided by Kearney Planters, made the cleanup job that much easier for these 2 strappin' young lads and their dad.



Binding wheat for threshing demos at the show.


Antique binder dropping the sheaves in the field.

Members of the East Kent Vintage Equipment Club loading the sheaves on a wagon. Many hands make light work!


In 2016 we feature Allis-Chalmers and Nelson Bros. gas Engines. The tractor pictured here belongs to club member, Bert Rammelaer.

Slide Show

Go, Hippy,Go!

Open Mike

Antique Treshing Demo

Vintage Tractor Pull

Showin'  her the rope

Tractor Cake Contest

Moving Experience

EKVEC on Parade in Ringetown

New parking lot

Green! Power.

Seeing Double!

Our Feature!

Wheat Binding

Wheat Binding

Wheat Binding

World Largest Tractor Parade

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